Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Body Electric

I should've let go the bait
Any bait is tainted one way or the other
It'll damage your obscurity
And blow your ass up unashamedly

My love is unconcious
It'll fist you nicely once unleashed
Am I giving up?
I don't know, let's see where this goes

Damaged and objectified
Bruised and out of my mind
A chemical that's dangerous
But that's not what I'm afraid of

I'm stuck in a hell
Carefully planned out for me
It has grown into regret
The body electric defused and undone

I hurt like a crass knife
I steal and beg in a polite manner
A venomous kiss is blown
And your skin laps it up unashamedly

Scorn and defeat in my eyes
Never thought tragedy would hit this hard
A selfless and useless tool
A burning ember of the old school

I'm used and done


Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Light Must Be A Lonely Place

Enabriating gaslights protrude a singular vast and tumultuous void, burying burdning sentences and causing molecular and pragmatic ecstasy. 

Life gained through green vapor and excessive and overactive damnations, losing spin and groove.

Merciless incantations and floundering curses developing mediocrity and a monotonous noise unimagined. 

Flightless illusions cowering in a self deprecating darkness; the makings of a barren and worldless ambition. 

There in the dank and tempting swamp regurgitates a simmering foil, culminating a dexterity as of yet unchafed; Waiting, wanting, needed. 


Monday, December 8, 2014

Time Without Being

Dense forests, dark nights 
Willows weeping louder than before 
Time is endless and exhausting 

Each day a thousand dreams die 

Each day lives broken 
In continued discomfort 

False hope scathes and deserts a once determined mind 

A soul burning upon a pyre of those forgotten 
Encased and imprisoned by a thinning shell 
Alone glaring at a singular flame 

Demons mocking eternity 

Angels mocking existence 
Light left darkness ashamed 
Darkness overshadowed light triumphant 

No rest for the sovereign 

No rest for the wicked 
Entitled to raise one more glass 
Before the curtains close. 


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Vague Light

The threat of death is abated
Its tentacles less frightening
Your murder is passive
And your hate tranquil 
Beneath wounds of flowers and silk
You cry a cry of neediness
The sun doesn't burn
The moon doesn't glow
Your sickness is a lie
And your bones are made of clay  
Death is a bird singing
Life a black bird cackling
Loneliness is light
Being together;
Unending darkness


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Color Me Deep Black

Black moon ascends 
The night recoiled 
To all that is hidden 

Heavy fog unfolds 
Sorrow deepens 

Weight of light 
Across the riverbank 
Swallows nestled 
Crows reborn 

Dry wells spell 
A bottomless eternity 
The fall from high
Untamed thrusts 

A stranger's grip 
Held imprisoned 
Drops of red 
Drain the thighs 

Knives plunge 
Veins erupt 
A mundane end 
Conflict a burden unmatched. 


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Black Crescent Mountain Hymns

Wrapped under the stars 
Wrapped in bars 
Sour desolation 
Migrate southward 

Colorful blood 
Visions bleak 
Self hate, self love 
Build perfection; 
Weekend fantasies 

The setting sun 
Hums a dry whisper 
Red world swirled in black, 
Echoing death 

The still chaotic 
Breathes and sighs 
Endless swamp regurgitates 
Fallen stars 

Mind lost, 
Space void 
Contradicting sides 
Hurl a wind 
In a wrong turn
It's mine to have and to burn

Written 10-05-2014

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Seeds of the Satan

Hail the apocalypse and welcome to the end
Time has come now to see your faith dissolve
Murdering scum and men who walk blind
There's no excuse for the damage you have done

As a wolf among sheep
My will (to) manipulate
And curse the false Gods of men
Indulge yourself in the seeds of the Satan

All the lies you preach
Hypocrisy you teach
The abuse of a child
Walk away and turn your cheek
Misery and suicide
Violence and drug abuse
The blood is on your hands
And they'll never wash clean!

Written 20-11-2011